German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd Dog is one of America’s most popular dog breeds. They are intelligent and capable working dogs. They are versatile. German Shepherd dogs were trained to do guide and assistance work for the police, military service, herding, search and rescue, drug detection, competitive obedience, faithful companionship.

Height – 22 to 26 inchesGood with – Children, Dogs, Cats , Families
Life Span – 7 to 10 yearsEnergy Level – Active
Weight – 50 to 90 poundsIntelligence – High
Color – Black, Blue, Grey, White, Brown Barking Level – Frequent
Qualities – Loyal, confident, intelligent, gentle, playful, activeOrigin – Germany

German shepherd dogs are easy to groom, friendly, and easy to adapt to things. They are considered the second most popular dog breed in America. 

German Shepherd Puppy Dog price in India

German Shepherd dogs are one of the most popular dogs in India. These dogs are loyal, intelligent, loving nature and guard homes. The price of a German Shepherd puppy in India varies from one city to another city.

German Shepherd puppy price in India depend upon the several factors like:

  • Type of breed 
  • Size, coat, age and appearance
  • Location
  • Breeder’s store

The price of a German Shepherd puppy in India starts at Rs 5000 and goes upto Rs 20,000 depending on the quality of the dog. Price is one of the major factors while choosing the dog. The factors required before buying a German shepherd dog are:

  • German Shepherd dogs require more space in home, while purchasing the dog you need to have enough space in the house.
  • Training is a very important factor when you buy a dog and especially a German Shepherd. These dogs require training everyday.
  • German Shepherds are herding breeds. They need a  lot of exercise to stay healthy. When they are not exercised they become notorious and waste their energy in doing mischievous things.
  • German Shepherds are very intelligent and active dogs always make them busy in some activity otherwise they will trouble everyone.

German Shepherd price in India in different cities:

CityGerman Shepherd price in India (Single coated champion’s breed)German Shepherd dog price (Double coated champion’s breed)

Difference between single coat and double coat dogs

Single coat dogs have one coat, without his undercoat.

Double coat dogs means he has an undercoat that is shorter than his outer coat and hair has a dense, wooly structure.

Factors that influence the German Shepherd the German Shepherd price in India

People in India choose the German Shepherd as a pet due to many reasons. A German shepherd dog plays multiple roles. It can be a guard dog, companion dog, protection dog, family dog. Most people in India choose the German Shepherd as a guard and a companion dog. It is the most popular dog in India. 

German Shepherd dogs have a double coat. These dogs are one of the most dangerous dogs in the world.

German Shepherd puppy cost in India

The German Shepherd puppy price in India depends on the following factors:

  • The reputation of the breeder
  • The quality of the puppy
  • The lineage of the puppy
  • The city from the dog is to buy

The average German Shepherd in India is between Rs 15000 to Rs 40000.

Vaccination cost

One of the first things after bringing the dog home is to be vaccinated. German Shepherd dogs need vaccination against parvovirus and rabies.

German Shepherd dogs are very pretty dogs. Their coats are long and flowing and their growth of hair on the neck is shiny. Because of their attractive appearance, many people go to buy these dogs. German Shepherds have a double coat and they will require daily grooming. Their skin is very sensitive, that’s why they avoid bathing them everyday.

Training and exercising cost

The training cost of a German Shepherd depends upon many things such as the breed of the dog, age, maintenance and previous training. For training and exercising equipment required are: Dog rope, Rolling ball,Jump bar, Treadmill etc. 

Nowadays many classes are starting to train dogs. These classes are available at a reasonable cost. These classes will last for three weeks to four months depending upon the time and money invested by the person to train his dog.

Feeding Cost

It is very important for a dog what he eats. It is important to maintain a healthy and balanced diet for a dog. Dogs should not be overweight so it is important what he eats. Rice is good for a German Shepherd dog. Rice contains calcium, fiber and iron. 


A German Shepherd is a strong and intelligent dog. They are great guard dogs. They are a good companion of a human being. German Shepherd dogs are the best dog breed in India. They are loyal, intelligent and loving dogs. They are used as security outside the home.

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