Digital Marketing Jobs Interview Questions & Answers​

Digital Marketing Jobs Interview Questions & Answers

Digital Haut has become an integral part of business’ marketing strategy, rapidly taking over the traditional means of marketing. Everyday, billions of people spend their time on the internet for various reasons like entertainment, shopping, work, business etc.. At such a promising platform, 

businesses’ aim to reach out to their desired audience, digital marketing professionals facilitate connection & engagement between the both. As the brands and competition are increasing continuously, demand for such digital marketing experts is soaring. But, a professional needs to have in-depth knowledge and a certain set of skills to plan and execute an effectual digital marketing campaign. For an aspiring digital marketing professional, looking to make one’s career with a firm, needs to clear an interview first. In this blog, I have listed out top 50 questions & answers that can help ambitious professionals to prepare and be more confident for the interview, give a great head start to their career.

  1. What do you understand about digital marketing?

Digital marketing uses techniques and strategies on the internet and on various digital means to promote brands and connect business with its desired audience. 


2. How can you classify digital marketing?


          Inbound Marketing

        Outbound Marketing

Modern & innovative method of marketing 

Traditional method of marketing 

Spread content online & on digital platforms to attract audience to the website or web page

Physically reach out to the people to spread awareness about the brand

Online targeting of desired audience on specific locations

Market brand to random people

Interaction and engagement with the audience is easy

One way communication

Less time and resources consuming

More time and resources consuming

Lead generation and campaign result monitoring is easy

Campaign result monitoring is difficult


3. What are the types of digital marketing?


  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Paid Marketing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Email Marketing

  • E-commerce Marketing


4. What are keywords, keyword research and types of keywords in digital marketing?

Keywords is  a word or group of words used by an internet user entered in the search bar of a search engine as a search query. 


Keyword research is a process of searching, analyzing and prioritizing the search terms that are used by internet users in search engines and use the researched data to achieve certain goals, such as search engine marketing, social media marketing and other. 

Keywords with high search volume are generally targeted for marketing purposes. 


There are 11 types of keywords:- 

  • Short tail keyword

  • Long tail keyword

  • Short term keyword

  • Long term keyword

  • Customer defining

  • Product defining

  • Competitor keyword

  • Branded keyword

  • Intent keyword

  • Geo targeting keyword

  • Technical keyword


5. What are the types of keywords according to length?


3 types of keywords according to length: 

  • Short tail keywords

  • Mid-tail keywords

  • Long-tail keywords


6. What are the tools used in digital marketing?


  • Keywords everywhere

  • Ahrefs

  • Semrush

  • Moz

  • KWFinder

  • Spyfu

  • Alexa

  • Keyword Revealer

  • Semscoop

  • PicMonkey

  • Grammarly

  • Pikto chart

  • Crello

  • Canva

  • Animoto

  • Buzzsumo

  • Quetext



  • Mailchimp

  • Google search console

  • Google analytics

  • Google adwords keyword planner

  • Google trends

  • Google adsense


7. Define search engine? Name types of search engines.


A search engine is a software program that allows internet users to find information by entering relevant terms in the search bar. The search results normally appear before users as a list of results, known as search engine result pages (SERP). 


The Top 10 search engines are:-

  • Google 

  • Amazon

  • Yahoo

  • Bing

  • DuckDuckGo

  • AOL

  • Baidu


  • Yandex

  • Ecosia


8. Are Homepage of a website and the landing page the same?


Homepage and landing page are not always the same thing. It depends upon the digital marketer whether the marketer wants to use the homepage as a landing page or not. 



          Landing Page

It’s the first page of a website that visitors see as the site loads & opens up. 

It’s a link targeted by a digital marketer for the audience to click & access the information.                                                            


9. What are on-page and off-page search engine optimization (SEO) ?


On-page SEO

Off-page SEO

Techniques & strategies employed to optimize factors within the website to improve site ranking in search engine result pages.

Techniques & strategies employed to optimize factors that are outside the website to improve site ranking in search engine result pages.

Examples: optimize title tags, meta descriptions, relevant & quality content writing, make site user friendly and more.

Examples: social networking, link building, image & video submission, guest blogging and others.


10. What is paid search marketing and its types?


Paid search is a marketing technique in which a marketer pays a certain amount of money to various search engine platforms to display advertisements on a specific location.


9 Types of paid search marketing:

  • Pay-per-click (PPC)

  • Search ads

  • Social Ads

  • Display Ads

  • Video Ads

  • Gmail sponsored ads

  • E-commerce ads

  • Remarketing/Retargeting

  • Affiliate marketing

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