Digital marketing courses in Bangalore

Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

Are you thinking about making a career in the digital marketing field. So If yes, then this vlog for you. After research we have prepared a list of Digital Marketing courses in Bangalore. All the complete details about their services are given in this blog. when you search about Digital Marketing Course . Firstly we discuss Digital Marketing .It is the latest version of marketing that is getting extremely popular as the numbers of internet users are rapidly increasing worldwide. It is attracting aspiring individuals like you to consider it as a robust career option.

Digital Marketing Courses In Bangalore uses technologies like the internet, search engines, social media, mobile phone etc. People are spending more time on social media and other online platforms. The businesses must make their online presence to expand their business. Businesses need experts who can market their products and services online. And to fulfill this requirement, demand for digital marketers is soaring.

Let’s briefly discuss what digital marketing is and how it’s crucial for customers and businesses. Let us quickly discuss the list of the Digital Marketing Courses in Bangalore.

Best 8 Digital Marketing Course in Bangalore

1.   Digital Haut: Digital Marketing Academy

This Digital marketing course in Bangalore was established and has more than 15 years of experience in providing the best training like digital marketing and social media marketing. They have great experience and Highest quality expertise in the field of digital marketing. Their mental and physical power is vastly experienced and focuses on giving hands-on training to trainees. The trainers have interesting and excellent teaching skills that help students to learn easily and effectively.

Let’s take a brief look at the features of the course offered by the institute.

· They teach more than 20 marketing tools and also students get to perform live projects during their training period.

·   The digital marketing training program is classified in Basic and Advanced Level Courses with certifications.

·  Many advanced marketing tools are free of cost accessible for the trainees.

·  They offer 100% placement services to the students.

·  Faculty prepares trainees for their job interviews.

·  In contrast to many other training institutes, this training center’s digital marketing course is low cost.

·       The institute is located at a prime location in the city which makes it convenient for the trainees to attend training sessions on a daily basis.


Phone No- 8146992270

Email :

Website :

2.  Digify Leads: Digital Marketing Academy

This highly reputed institute has more than 15 years of experience in imparting great deal of knowledge to their students. The mental and physical power  at the institute possesses outstanding  and essential teaching experience in digital marketing and it makes it interesting. The one-on-one interaction approach of teachers with each student is a noteworthy aspect of their training method. It helps each student clear their doubts and queries. Moreover, along with theoretical knowledge, training sessions greatly focus on practical learning of trainees. This practice oriented approach of mental and physical facilitates live projects for students to work on. It boosts the confidence of the students and prepares them for their professional life in future. 

The highlights of their training program are mentioned below

  •  Many cutting edge marketing tools are free of cost available for students to learn and apply for live projects. 
  • They offer 100% placement services to trainees on completion of the  course. 
  •  They prepare trainees for job interviews before completion of the course.
  •  Cost of the course is comparatively less than many other digital marketing training institutes in the market.
  • The certified training program is categorized in two levels, such as Basic and Advanced Digital Marketing Course.
  •  Students can reach the training center and attend classes.


Phone No. 8146992270



 3.  IIDE (Indian Institute of Digital Marketing)

 It is a reputed institute in Bangalore that offers both, offline and online digital marketing courses. IIDE offers a broad online digital course with certifications. They facilitate weekly live sessions to clear up the queries and doubts. For better learning and query solving, students can join 1-on-1 tutoring sessions at the institute. The trainers are highly experienced and share their expertise for the growth of students.

This institute offers placement services to trainees after completing the course.

They offer post graduate digital marketing courses which are similar to management level courses.



4.     Digital Academy 360

It was established after 10 years in the industry. They offer a wide range of courses from basic digital marketing programs .

The institute offers Digital Marketing Course which includes 12 expertise equal to the management course and more they offer a Skill Diploma of 5 months time-span and PCP Digital Marketing Course of 2.5 months duration.

Institute offers placement services to trainees after completing the course



5.  Digital Market Academy (DMA) India

It is a reputed institute that offers digital marketing courses in Bangalore. After completion of the course, they offer placement services to the students. Courses is categorized in three levels that are covered below.

Diploma Course

The duration of this course is 2 months and its price is 25,000 INR.

Topic can included are mentioned below

Advance Diploma Course

Duration of this course is of 2 months and its price is 50,000 INR.

Marketing Engineer Course

The duration of this course is 2 months and its price is 65,000 INR.


Email –

6.  Digital Vidya

It is also one of the most reputed institutes that is teaching new skills and knowledge in the field of digital marketing. Since 2009, this institute has held programs with many leading brands in the corporate sphere. Their knowledge is also excellent.

The institute offers placement services after the completion of the course.

They provide digital marketing courses of 10 months duration and also offer internships to trainees. The trainers greatly focus on giving practical knowledge to students for their overall growth.


 Email –

 7.  National Institute Of Digital Marketing (NIDM)

NIDM is one of the highly reputed Digital Marketing institutes in Bangalore. It was established in  2011. The founder of the institute is a corporate trainer with over 13 years of experience in digital marketing.

This institute  also offers certified digital marketing courses to their students and the Internship opportunity as well. It provide placement services to their trainees.


Email –,  

8.  Learn Digital Academy

This SEO training institute provide the university certificate of digital marketing course 

They facilitate students to work on live projects to boost their practical knowledge and theoretical, also offers like to placement services to trainees on completion of the course.

But they also provide advanced digital marketing programs like Students actively participate in  projects and also gain practical knowledge.

They gives offers Advance course, Master course and Skill Diploma course in their training program.




 In this blog, we have discussed 8 digital marketing institutes that provide the best digital marketing courses. We have introduced you with the institutions’ important details like profile of the institutes, brief detail of the courses they are offering placement services and the contact details. 

We believe that now you are aware about the best courses available and the services they offer. Moreover, all think that the right way to approach further is to contact the institute ,So if you think is right for you and attend a demo class. Tell them about your requirements and decide after thorough scrutiny of the training institute.

I wish you all the best in pursuing your career in the digital marketing sphere. Thanks for reading the blog!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Who can join the digital marketing course?

Anyone who has a basic knowledge of computers. That person can join a digital marketing course.

  1. Will there be any participation certificate given?

Yes , certificate of participation is gives to all the students participating in the  course after successful completion.

  1. What payment modes will accepted?

    We accept all kinds of payment options like cash, online bank transaction, Debit and Credit Card payment, Paytm.

  1. What is the duration of the course?

This is a 3 month course . The batch timing given according to your free timing .

  1. Do I get job support at the end of this course?

Absolutely yes, based on like your job qualifications and performance during training. So you can get a chance to join our internal digital marketing team.

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